Monday, December 15, 2008

Sunday School Christmas Pageant

I am sure a lot of you have this annual tradition...watching your kids in their Sunday School Christmas pageant.  Ours was last night at the evening service.  All 5 kids had parts.  The 3 oldest were in the play, "Born for You and Me" and the 2 youngest were among the littlest ones who each recited a verse from the Bible passage Luke 2:4-7.  The oldest kids all got to read their scripts, but the youngest had to memorize b/c they can't read.  It went well.  Olivia memorized her line and spoke it loudly into the microphone and did great.  But Tristan had never wanted to practice his line and would never say it at any of the practices.  And we thought the same was going to happen last night, as he hid in the back behind the other kids and wouldn't come up to the microphone when it was his turn to say his line.  So the girl after him went (she was also the last person to go).  When she was done, and there was a lull btw. the end of that and the singing of "Away in a Manger," Tristan comes running to the mic and yells out "It was a boy!"  That was his line and he said it perfectly, though so fast that most people didn't understand him.  It was, of course, in the wrong place, but at least he said it.  Jason and I were dying laughing, as was the woman who had coached the little kids, b/c we all knew how stubborn Tristan had been.  And we all understood him, b/c we knew what his line was.  It was so cute and funny and we were so proud of him b/c he said his line.  Hope your pageants were as eventful as ours.  :)    

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Stephanie said...

ours is on Sunday...Sylvie has her first line. I told Cora and Celeste...if nothing else, hold still and smile...we will see!