Wednesday, December 10, 2008


The Rop household is a bed of germs this week.  It started at 1am early Mon. morning when Tristan threw up all over himself and his bed.  It was really quick, though, and after that he didn't throw up again, though he had a tummy ache all Monday.  Also, Anya felt bad Mon., with what I think is the same bug but manifested differently.  She had a stomach ache and head ache and fever, but never threw up.  Then Tues. Maiah had the same as Anya.  And Jason stayed home from work Tues. b/c he felt lousy...also no throwing up, just upset stomach and nausea.  Well, here I am thinking the rest of us escaped it, when at 5am today Isaac throws up all over his pillow and bed.  I so far have been OK...maybe just a touch of a stomach problem, but not like the rest.  I almost never get sick when the kids do, so I think that is God's mercy, b/c someone has to nurse all the sick ones!  I'd much rather play nurse than be sick!  Jason has to go to court this morning, but is still feeling bad, so is coming home after that.  Olivia seems fine so far, but I am expecting her to be sick sometime this week, as well.  At least it is before Christmas!!    

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