Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Have you heard of Skype?  I don't quite get it, but it is something like a chat application, but you can also "call" people.  My daughter has a friend in Latvia (a boy, no less) who wanted her to get it, so they could chat.  Maybe they don't have iChat over there, who knows.  So Jason looked into it and we downloaded it a few weeks ago...nice thing, it is free.  Today was the first time Maiah and Harry skyped...another funny verb that comes from technology.  They were on for over an hour...I realized that since it was almost 3pm here when they finished, it was almost 10pm there, since they are 7 hours ahead.  I guess he had to go to bed.  Weird to think that my 11 year old daugher is interested in boys...though she is really just interested in Harry.  We met his family at our church in Louisville.  They came for a year from Summer '06 to Summer '07 so Harry's dad, Martin, who is a hand surgeon could learn stuff or something.  Louisville is apparently a good place to get hand surgery, should the need arise.  So they are reformed Christians, which is nice (they don't necessarily have to be reformed, though that is nice, but the Christian part is key.)  Harry is 12, will be 13 in June, so the age is OK, too.  He is a cutie, too.  He looks like the kid in the American Girl "Kit" movie, the boy hobo.  You can send pics over it, or files, too.  So they were sending pictures back and forth.  It is so nice that they can continue their friendship in this way, which works better than actual letter writing, I am sure.  They have written letters before, but they are few and far between.  So if you have Skype, I think our name is Rop or Rop Family.