Thursday, February 18, 2010

Derailed lunch plans

Well, today is Jason's grandma's birthday and the women had made plans to take her out to lunch. We (mom, 2 sisters-in-law, gma and me) were at the restaurant when I get a call from Jason saying he had locked his keys in his car and I needed to come home right away to unlock his car b/c he had to get to court before 2pm (it was about 12:30). I asked if he could borrow a car from a colleague, but he said they were all at lunch so I asked if he could borrow his cousin's truck and he thought he probably could, but then remembered that the case file he needed for court was also locked in the car. So I had arranged 2 different types of child care (one for the girls and one for the boys) and had driven 45 minutes to meet everyone, was there for about 20 minutes and then I had to leave....without eating lunch!! I had the waitress cancel my order, so at least I didn't have to pay for any uneaten food. To his credit, Jason was hugely apologetic. He made it to court when he needed to, but the girls missed their meeting. I ended up going to the new local Pizza Hut for some pasta, so I finally got lunch about 1:3pm. So now Jason has said we need to have spare keys to both cars in the house, just in case!!

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Redheadmamaof7boys said...

Oh bummer. Sounds like something I would do.. I one time gave James my key while we were downtown at the doughnut shop.. then, he went to court and I went to go home.. and had no keys. He drove 20 minutes there and 20 minutes back to 'rescue' me. I felt SO SO terrible!

Sorry you missed your lovely lunch. What a bummer :(

I have 4-5 sets of keys at all times. Yep. I lose them so often that I have to keep lots of spares around!