Monday, May 17, 2010

Schooling decisions

So my MIL said the other day that she thought dd7yo should go to "real" school next year b/c she thinks dd is getting lost in the crowd of her other siblings. DD has been homeschooled the last 2 years in K & 1st grade and has never had the classroom experience. We had already been thinking about sending ds5yo to school for a year of Kindergarten in the fall, so he could get a taste of what a structured environment is like....we are definitely more unstructured here at home, as it should be. So now we are maybe sending two off to school in the fall, but only for one year. (We would still homeschool the older 3.) Which means a public school, in all likelihood. Though we are looking into a local Christian, classical school which would be my choice, since we do classical ed. here at home. Will be interesting to see what happens. Though I am SO not looking forward to being on the school's schedule. If the 2 kids do go to school in the fall, they will miss about 2 weeks right off the bat, as we are planning a trip to Colonial Williamsburg then.

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