Thursday, November 20, 2008

Good Christian parenting book

I have been going to a weekly book study at my church.  We are reading and discussing "Being a Great Parent, Raising Great Kids," by Sharon Jaynes.  I had not heard of her before, but she apparently founded something called Proverbs 31 Ministries (or something along those lines.)  The book is good.  She starts with the word "blessed" and uses that as an acrostic (is that the word I want?!) where she says moms need to be Beacons, Listeners, Encouragers etc.  That is as far as I have gotten.  Then she goes on to give real life stories and examples, which I always like, and also practical ways to be those things to your kids.  And in the back are discussion questions that you can answer, even if you aren't a part of a group.  Being a very practical person, this book works for me.  I'd love to hear what parenting books y'all have read and what you think of them...good or bad.  I can always use help in the parenting department!  Especially since I am with my kids all day every day, and we don't get the break from each other that non-homeschoolers get.  Not that I want that break...:)  


Mike and Lisa said...

It wasn't a book, but i really enjoyed the video series, EFFECTIVE PARENTING IN A DEFECTIVE WORLD by Chip Ingram. A local church hosted the video series. I think they keep a copy in their library too.

Stephanie said...

The Danger of Raising Nice Kids by Tim Smith is REALLY good. The title scares some people. ;)