Thursday, November 27, 2008

Cool field trip...we got to see famous GR TV people!

This week Tuesday morning we took our first homeschool field trip.  A really nice lady, Bernice, decided to arrange one field trip a month for the year, for the homeschoolers in the GR area There was a Meijer field trip in Oct. to which we didn't go, but this time we did.  It was to WOOD TV8, on College St. in downtown Grand Rapids.  It was so cool!  We got to see Rick Albin do one of the his morning updates and Matt Kirkwood do the weather.  Then Matt led a 30 minute Weather Experience, teaching the kids about various weather and tidbits about Michigan weather.  Did you know that Michigan is 2nd in the nation for lightning strikes?  Florida is first....it is b/c of all the water.  He was so great with the kids, and all the kids were on their best behavior.  And actually, Bernice asked for feedback from them on how the kids' behavior was, and was told that they couldn't believe how well-behaved the kids were, so different from public school kids (no offense if your kids go to public school...my kids did until this year!)  And it was all free!  Plus they gave the kids goodie bags, with a pencil (those are a hot commodity in our house...the kids are always trying to find one to do their school work), a magnet with important weather info, and a T-shirt.  

We left Tristan at home with Jason but took the others and they were really good.  So if you have a chance to go do this, I highly recommend it.   


Stephanie said...

What is the group's name? I'm not doing anything yet because of my knee, but I would like to get involved somewhere.

Shannon said...

I found out about it through the yahoo group, grand rapids homeschoolers, or something like that. So I get emails from them and that is where the lady has the info. If you need help finding it, let me know. If you go to groups.yahoo.com, you can do a search and I am sure it will come up. The other ones we are signed up for are behind the scenes at John Ball Zoo, the US post office, and a few others that escape me at the moment.