Tuesday, May 18, 2010

More schooling decisions

We think we are going to have our two oldest daughters, in 6th and 8th grades, take some electives at the public middle school here. Michigan homeschool law says that homeschool kids may not take core classes, like math, history, science, but that they can take electives, for free. So my 6th grader wants to take Band, which is great, b/c she wants to play trumpet and I can't teach her that! There is a local-ish homeschool band here, but it is expensive and a 35 minute drive one way, so her going to the public school is more convenient, as it is only 2 blocks away. My 8th grader wants to take the speech/drama class, art, and the foreign language class. The FL class is really cool....they get 6 weeks of French, 6 weeks of German and 6 weeks of Spanish. So the girls can get their school "fix" and can take some cool classes at the same time.

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