Saturday, February 13, 2010

I'm Back! :)

Well, can't believe it's been almost a year since I posted. Today we had our Medieval Feast, to celebrate the end of the Middle Ages unit. We use Tapestry of Grace and they have these great celebration ideas. We did Year 1 last year, and I am sad to say we did no unit celebrations.....it was our first year homeschooling and I already felt overwhelmed enough without adding all the preparation for a big celebration. But I am so glad we have started to have them. The Renaissance and Reformation are next, and that will be fun, too, I am sure. The 2 big girls are bowling with the Jr. High youth group now. Can't believe they are old enough to be in a youth group! We are loving the snow....wish there was more of it! Though Spring sounds nice, too....I just love having all four seasons! Just when you get sick of one, it changes! In the past year, Jason's sister got married and we were pretty busy with that, as all 5 kids were in the wedding and Jason & I were the Master and Mistress of Ceremonies. Fun times. In the Fall, we got involved in the local community theater, and did "Joan of Arc." I was Isabelle D'Arc, Joan's mother, my oldest daughter was "Young Joan," my second oldest daughter was "Young Catherine," (Joan's younger sister), my husband was Joan's sweetheart and my oldest son was a page in the castle of Charles VII. I have the theater bug now! What fun. Plus since we had been studying the Middle Ages, it was the perfect play for us. Gotta go get the girls from bowling!


Lepidoptera said...

Shannon, thanks for commenting on our feast. The desire to share our celebration with our extended family drove me to have our feast on vacation. None of our family lives close by.

Even though every little detail did not go as planned - that is nothing new - the celebration went well and life goes on. Now we are getting ready for the next one.

I am so glad that you are incorporating these unit celebrations into your schedule too. We started last year with Y1 and the year before that I watched others on TLT sharing their ideas and looked forward to the day when we could do our own!

CAB said...

Hey - just found my sister's comment here - how weird - thanks for stopping by my blog - I will be visiting yours now that I know about it! Nice to "meet" another Mom of 5! My sister - Lepidoptera - encouraged me w/the celebration and we had it on our Thanksgiving trip - while it was a lot of fun, it was a lot of work to get everything packed up and take it 500 miles away! We haven't had any other celebrations on our own at home, just too much going on w/a new little one, but hope to do some more of them in the coming year - Little Miss is 15 mos. old and is getting more and more able to spend a little time on her own playing which always helps! If/when I do sign on to Facebook, I'll definitely post about it on the blog and would be happy to have you as a "friend" on there :) and here! and the blog and well, you get the picture :)