Saturday, January 17, 2009


Don't you just love Facebook?  It has been so fun connecting with friends, even some from elementary school, which was like, 8 houses ago for me!  I joined this summer, I forget why, or who prompted me.  I don't do much with the "extras" like games and sending people different things (ornaments or snowballs or stickers etc).  Don't really have the time for that.  But I love to find people and read how they are doing.  I recently added photos, which I finally figured out how to do.  I am getting so computer savvy!  I got Jason to join, though he does almost nothing with it. He thinks I have an insane amount of friends (just over 200) and can't believe that "friend" has become a verb, as in, "Hey, two people friended me today!"  Too funny.      

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Redheadmamaof7boys said...

Aaahhh, Facebook. Yes, I love facebook. Funny, at Christmas, a family member criticized me for having a facebook and for 'wasting' my time there. She wanted to know WHY I care to 'see' people online that I will never SEE in person. I am not really sure. It is just really fun! It is like a highschool reunion.. ongoing!

You really need to work on friend thing, though. I am up to almost 500!! LOL. Mostly becuase I have lived in 9 cities and somewhere around 20 houses. yes, I have met a lot of people a long the way!

Can't wait to check out your new facebook picts!